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How do I order and receive Pottery Supplies?
How do I order and receive Pottery Supplies?

If you live in the McKinney or Dallas area and wish to pick up your order in McKinney I will continue to deliver to SPARC and The McKinney Art House twice a month. I will update my schedule page with upcoming dates of delivery but the current plan is to deliver on a week day the 2nd and 4th weeks of the Month.

If you do order, I will update you with the times during the day I will be at each location. You can send a friend in your place to pick up your order if you wish. You can order and pay on the website or you can order via text, email or phone and pay by cash or check at the time of pickup. Please try to have your order in within 48 hours of delivery so that I have time to prepare your order before travel. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Delivery Schedule
Delivery Schedule

Next Delivery Date: Wednesday June 17th, afternoon at SPARC and the McKinney Art House
Future Dates: Week of July 8, Week of July 22.

So where is Angie and Lone Star Pottery Supply now?
So where is Angie and Lone Star Pottery Supply now?

I will try to make this story short.

For the past 5 years I have been making regular trips between Murphy and Houston, and then between Murphy and Central Texas near College Station to look in on my Mom and Dad. My Mom is 89 and my Dad turned 94 this year. They have been loving and supportive parents my whole life, and they've treated my husband as their own son. They have shared their time, resources and energy to make our lives better and I am eternally grateful. So caring for them has been a joy! However, I found I needed to be closer to them on a daily basis.

My parents have had a little farm in Burleson County since I was less than 2 years old. I grew up running barefoot down the rows of their vegetable garden every other day while Dad irrigated each row with water from our pond. I loved the feeling of the cool water running across my feet when it was so hot outside. I grew up around chickens and cows and wildlife all around. I miss that lifestyle.

We moved my parents back to their little farm about 4 years ago. So we grabbed our chance! My husband and I decided to move out to the farm. It will be a more simple life with lots of manual labor, so hopefully we will live a long and healthy life like my parents.

I love my small pottery supply business, and I don't want to stop! I will continue to sell supplies as long as I have customers who want to buy them. So things will change a little bit. I will deliver to the McKinney Pottery Studios about twice a month. I hope potters are open to the idea, because I really enjoy all of you.

Much Thanks,
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