Coyote Texas Two Step Oil Spot Cone 6 Glazes

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Coyote Texas Two Step glazes provide the same sought-after effect of Oil Spot glazes at cone 6, in a breathtaking variety of color combinations. These food safe glazes work as a two part system, with the top coat pulling away to reveal brilliant spots of the glaze beneath. There are currently three Step One Undercoats (MBG140-142) and five Step Two Overcoats (MBG150-154) available.


Two Step - Overcoat
 Blue Moon 


Two Step - Overcoat
 Brick Red 


Two Step - Undercoat
 Coffee Bean 


Two Step - Undercoat


Two Step - Undercoat


Two Step - Overcoat
 Sea Mist 


Two Step - Overcoat
 Texas Rose 


Two Step - Overcoat
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