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Minnesota Clay Co. USA Clay Bodies Stoneware offers a wide range of clay bodies and glaze selections. Varieties are light to dark and middle to high firing cone range. Stoneware clay is a dense clay that is vitreous when fired to maturity.

Rainy Lake Stoneware is one of our most popular bodies that is easy to throw and has a wide firing range.

Number 1 Stoneware is a versatile body, medium texture that has a high firing range.

We also sell Number 1 with grog for handbuilding work and with manganese which speckles the clay.

MB Stoneware is similar to Porcelain clay bodies but has a Stoneware quality.

Finally, Number 2 Stoneware is a great midrange firing body.

Polar Porcelain is a lower firing range porcelain great for throwing and hand building.
 MB White Stoneware 


Cone 6-10. Extremely smooth, white, plastic mid-range clay body. It is vitreous and porcelain-like when fired at cone 6. MB stoneware is designed primarily for oxidation firing, producing a white color in oxidation and gray in reduction.
 No. 1 w/Manganese 


Cone 6-9. Adding a small percentage of granular manganese to the stoneware gives a dark speckling in the body and through the glaze. As manganese is gaseous at higher temperatures, we also recommend a lighter reducing atmosphere and slightly cooler firing to avoid trapped surface gases that can cause bubbling.
 No. 2 Red/Brown Stoneware 


Cone 4-7. A medium-fine throwing body, mid-range maturity with toasty brown fired color. Can be used for both wheelwork and sculpture. Low sulfur content.
 Number 1 Stoneware 


Cone 6-9. This is a strong body, medium texture, well blended and prepared to give you the plasticity needed for throwing. Fire either oxidation or reduction. A throwing and hand building clay.
 Number 3 Stoneware 


Cone 4-7. A fine, tight body principally for the wheel. Very plastic, smooth texture. Fires to a cream white color. Used as the base for our "S-series" colored clays.
 Polar Porcelain 


Cone 5-8. A lower firing range porcelain great for throwing and hand building. Also very popular for making jewelry.
 Rainy Lake Stoneware 


Cone 6-10. Medium texture plastic stoneware formulated primarily for throwing. Vitreous at cone 10, this clay is suitable for oxidation or reduction firing. Virtually sulfur free. Buff in oxidation – rich golden brown in reduction.
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